Loretta Claiborne is truly an amazing and inspiring woman who has not only touched the lives of hundreds of thousands, but has changed the lives of all with whom she has met. Ms. Claiborne is a woman of faith who shares her life personal story that carries a heart-felt message of hope and tolerance for all people around the world. In 2000, Walt Disney Productions created The Loretta Claiborne Story. "I figured if my story could change a person's mind about another person, or especially a child's mind about another child, then it was the right thing to do," Claiborne says. Loretta is a world-class runner and gifted motivational speaker who happens to also be a Special Olympics Athlete and a person who has an intellectual disability. Loretta's life's accolades are too many to account, but a few of her most impressive awards include: receiving two honorary doctorate degrees (Quinnipiac University in 1995 and Villanova University in 2003); completing 26 marathons with her best time 3:03, finishing in the top 100 women of the Boston Marathon; the 1996 ESPY Award-Arthur Ashe Award for Courage recipient; Walt Disney Productions Movie titled The Loretta Claiborne Story; WorldScapes publishing company produced "In Her Stride" – the biography of Loretta Claiborne; a 4th degree black belt in karate; communicates in 4 languages and is fluent in American Sign Language; inductee into the Women in Sports Hall of Fame and Special Olympics Pennsylvania Hall of Fame; spoke to the U.S. Congress as well as hundreds of other groups and organizations; introduced President Clinton at the 1995 Special Olympics World Summer Games and appeared twice on the Oprah Show.

This is just a small snapshot of who Loretta Claiborne is and some of the things that she has accomplished in her life. To learn more about Loretta, we invite you to navigate through her website. Loretta will inspire YOU as well.

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